Business Ethics

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Hello Everyone,

As a business owner I feel educating people is very important so they have the best

understanding of how businesses work and the projects they are undertaking. So I will

be writing a series of blogs that outlines common problems homeowners face and help

educate them before the need to call professionals, or at a minimum have an educated

guess as to what is happening. However before I write these blogs I am going to first

write about contractors and business practices that can give fellow contractors and

myself bad names and as a homeowner or builder how to help protect yourself.

A big problem when undertaking a major product is the payment and what exactly it is

your paying for. This alone can lead to a major headache on both ends. So when you

call a contractor out to give you an estimate tell them exactly what it is you want done

and make sure they repeat it back to you. Also make sure that once you receive their

written estimate it outlines very specifically everything to be completed even if its not

broken down a price per item make sure everything to be done is included. If it is fully

understood by both parties then the completed work should leave both parties very


As a homeowner, I understand there are big expenses related to repairing water and

sewer lines especially, but at the end of the day as the old saying goes “ you get what

you pay for.” Hiring a licensed bonded and insured company will cost you a bit more

money but we are professionals and have things in place to protect ourselves and the

owners of the residence in place in case accidents happen. This should also give you a

sound piece of mind that your work will have a warranty for one year for things such as

the pipe that we install as long as it was not used outside its recommendations.

Resources are available to you such as washington state labor and industries to also

make sure that the company is a licensed contractor which may prove to be very

beneficial as well. There are also websites to review contractors, and also the better

business bureau.

As a business owner, I tell my customers to expect professional crews to show up, with

good quality equipment, on time and be reliable about doing your job and answering

any questions you may have. I personally do every job as if it were my own house and

treat everyone with nothing but upmost respect and appreciation of their time.

Also as a homeowner you have a responsibility to the contractor as well. Please try your

best to explain what exactly it is your wanting and throughout my next blogs I am hoping

to educate people as to potential problems with their sewer and water lines and also

answer general excavation questions. I also understand financial hardships as well. I

know as some things may be very expensive our company will do everything we can to

try to help you out and as your responsibility please inform of us as to what you can and

cannot do before the project is complete and we will be willing to do what we can to

make your project get completed.

In closing I would like to say that a good working relationship between a quality

contractor and yourself can make you have an excellent experience that you would

recommend to everyone and I personally have ran our business off word of mouth for

years because the people that I’m working for know from previous work completed the

highest level of professionalism they are receiving.

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