Many people would not think of your plumbing as being unsafe, but I would like to discuss several things that can become a danger to you and your household if left untreated or when problems suddenly occur. A water leak can quickly escalate inside your house and cause electrical issues, mold, and water damage. Sewer and drain lines can be very hazardous to people in the house if it backs up inside causing health issues and contamination.Lets first start off by breaking down the water line possible issues. First off would be the most serious problem if somehow water comes into contact with electrical services causing sparking and possible fire, most houses should be set up for this not to happen, but for example if you have a leak on the upper floor of your house, water will always travel in path of least resistance and can come into contact with electrical junctions. Secondly if an unknown slow leak has been happening or unattended this can be leaking behind your walls and cause a mold build up which certain types of mold such as black mold can cause your household to become sick. The most expensive type of damage would be your water leaks and pipe bursts inside the house which can cause water damage to walls, floors, and can cause a need for a whole area of your house to be re-constructed. So please be aware of problems from water lines and the damages they can cause.

Sewer line back ups are very common, in my blogs I will explain the differences between types of sewer systems and back ups that occur. However in this section I am talking directly about safety issues related to the problems. Sewer backups that back up into your bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and into your house are very dangerous. These backups cause serious contamination and health risks to people inside the structure. If you notice your toilet is backing up, do not keep flushing it. Check other fixtures to make sure it is not backing up in other locations. If you cannot solve the problem with a plunger or a snake, call a professional that will save you alot of time, money and household disturbance.

Here at doc’s excavation and services we take safety very serious and want to ensure as a homeowner you understand potential problems and take every oppurtunity to educate you to make sure that these issues will not become a more serious hazard. I invite you to read my blogs and find answers to many common questions along with getting a better education to how your sewer and water systems work.