Winter Plumbing Tips from the Pro’s!

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It is that time of year when preparation for your pipes are needed. You need to put insulation and covers over exposed water pipes and outdoor garden hose bibs, clean out gutters and downspout drains, and make sure your sewer line is in good working condition. Here is a short list of recommendations and and steps to take to get ready for winter.

Water Lines: Make sure your outdoor water lines are completely covered with insulation and your hose bibs are covered using a cover like the image below. As water freezes it expands and your pipes don’t have sufficient space to accommodate the volume and cause expensive repair so a little preventative maintenance goes a long ways.

protect-your-freezing-pipes-sewer-line-repairSo, your gutters get clogged this time of year from windstorms causing branches and pine needles to accumulate, this is something we have all seen. Its important to understand that these gutters then feed into your downspouts and go into some sort of drainage system either on your private property or a municipality storm water system. However its very important to keep these pipes clean from debris and properly maintained, this is a service that we offer to either camera the line to see blockages, jet them out or use a snake to make sure its flowing freely so that your pipes don’t get backed up as and spill alot of water next to your foundation causing bigger issues.

Lastly lets talk about your sewer system, our sewer systems take more abuse than any other pipe simply due to the nature of all the materials that are placed down them from detergents, to solid wastes, food and other chemicals. Especially this time of year when you have old concrete pipe the ground movement from freezing and melting,plus snow loads can be very detrimental, I would highly encourage you to get your sewer line inspected so if needed an easy repair can be made versus an emergency later down the line saving you lots of money and convenience.

Thank you for reading my winter safety preparation guide and as always stay safe.

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